Option to search the database on main page and another small website design improvements

Until now, to search for a stream file you had to visit the database page. There was a search engine for posts on the home page until a certain point, which was confusing and not needed by anyone. An unremoved thing from the original version of the 2Cats theme.
Less clicking. From now on, the ability to search the database is available in a slightly reduced form from any sub-page of the site under heading level 3. Thanks to Nuno for little JS Search script.
Minor modifications to the 2Cats theme specifically for RStreams.
The display of the category name and the author of the posts on the homepage has been removed, due to the fact that this page does not function as a blog but as a news list about the website and project.
Above information is also no longer displayed when you open a news subpage. The list of similar 'Related posts' also has been deleted and the option to share news on Google plus has been removed due to a service closed to nonbusines users few years ago.

Search in database:

and 2 cats theme V0.2A by Dash modified for RStreams.