Easier way to download zip file contains all streams has been published

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We are happy to announce that you can easier download the all database without having to visit the stream's list and finding the download button.
We added download button to the website main menu, so you can do only one click and have fun with full database on your harddrive.
We inform, that the old way will also still work, and will allow you to download the entire database or a selected directory as a zip file as before.
If you have any other suggestions, feel free to contact us. In some weeks new contact form where you can put any suggestion will be published.

Streams list opens faster

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Since the website exists, after clicking on the link to the list of streams you had to wait a few seconds to redirect to the streams subpage.
This was due to the limitation of CMS which we are using.
We found the solution and and fixed it now.
We hope that using the site will be little faster. :)

Reporting broken streams awailable

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As promised in the May Todo list, we've added the ability to report a bug with a stream.
This way we'll be able to quickly fix streams of your favorite radio stations that stop working.
To report a bug, please find in the menu the appropriate [subpage of our service.
If you know a link to a new stream, you can also drop it in the field next to it. You can also use this form if you find a better quality stream.

The way to join our Dropbox folder is even easier

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From now on, you don't need to send an EMail asking to be added to our folder.
All you need to do is to fill out a simple form available under "Join Us" link and provide your Dropbox email address.
We hope that this change will make it easier for you to get access to this folder :).
PS: First MonthlyUpdate was done :).

Monthly updates!

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The idea was created in our minds in early March, but the April update didn't come until recent days.
From now on, in addition to minor updates after receiving reports of inactive streams or noticing the problem yourself and occasionally checking the entire database for non-functioning stations, we are introducing a monthly update.
Every first week of the month you can expect an update to our database.
Remember that you can report inactive streams to us.

Polish translation is awailable

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We are happy to announce, that Polish version of our website is awailable to use.
To wisit it, please add /pl on the end of our addres or change language by using menu option.
Some months ago we also improved our database by adding script which allows you to download full directories in the zip files and have search engine.

R Streams back online

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Dear users!
Update after a almost year-long break!
We are happy to announce that the site has returned after a few months.
What happened? Read history for more information. :)
Old hosting dead because of private reasons, but we stored a website copy, that we can easily make it available to you as it was before. We only changed the CMS and slightly updated the subsites.
What we will do in the next step?
We want to make the site available to you in several other languages eg Polish, Russian etc.
We also have plans to improve the php directory listing script by adding the search engine module which everyone want.
Currently we uploading old streams database, but we will repair broken streams in some weeks.
We also will add automatic synchronization with the Dropbox folder on the Streams list page. :)
Stay tuned :).

New test File Server version

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We launched new testing server version.
This is a temporary trial version, so it sometimes may not work. <
Some peoples missed the search engine and the files were not downloading on some browsers.
New version of server solving this problems. :)
Happy testing!

Added forum.

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We have official forum.
All users can register and help our team.
Addres available in the menu.
Forum rules is available on the announcements forum.

You do not need to enter HTTPS!

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Please be advised that you do not have to write https in the address of the site. From now on, after entering only eg. rstreams.ovh you will be automatically redirected to the https protocol of our site.

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